Fast Reliable & Easy to use

The RS™ high innovative system is designed to identify the gun owner within a split second and allow quick and easy access to the gun, while keeping the gun locked to any other person.
The RS™ series highest goal is to prevent unauthorized gun use without changing anything in the gun itself.

High End Tech

Smart lock system designed to prevent unauthorized use.
The first two holsters of the RS™ series are RS-1 & RS-2.

The establishment of the ARMSLOCK company, was conceived in 2016.  Driven by the ambition to increase safety and minimize accidents caused by unauthorized gun use, we were determined to envision, produce and promote a revolutionary product that will do just that.

Through intensive collaboration with Israel’s leading security and technology experts, we have managed to build the most suitable and qualified product to serve both: officials carrying a gun and private civilians. Our main objective is to provide gun owners the highest control over their personal weapons without any limits on retrieval: indoors as well as outdoors.

Our mission is to provide a simple, safe and efficient experience for gun owners which is maintaining their ability to use the gun when necessary and at the same time minimizing accidents and violence through unauthorized weapon use.