Here's all you need to know about RS Smart holster.
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What happens when RS holster runs out of the battery?

The RS holster has a low battery warning. However, in case the holster runs out of battery, the RS holster is designed to unlock itself automatically. It then becomes a regular holster, without the electronic locking mechanism.



Do RS holsters are water resistant?

Yes it's also durable for high and low temperature


What kind of an electric charger is used to charge the RS holsters?

USB Type C socket.


Can the RS holsters be used as a regular holster?

Sure! The gun owner can change the RS holsters to an open position permanently, and decide whether to use the RS holster as a regular one.


When will RS holsters be available for ordering and purchasing?

The launch time of the RS holsters is scheduled for TBA.


How many fingers can be calibrated to the fingerprint ID?

Up to 10 users can be calibrated to each RS holster.
In a simple calibration process, the gun owner can decide whom to grant access to the RS holster.


How do I calibrate the RS-1 holster?

The RS holster is being delivered with a unique RF bracelet which is already calibrated with the purchased RS-1 holster.


Do RS holsters have a mechanical key ?

Yes. The RS series are designed to work flawless, yet we created a back-up mechanism by adding a mechanical unlock system key.


Can I use RS smart holster when there's a round in the chamber?

Yes, the RS holster wouldn't interfere nor affect any operation of the gun, while still disabling the ability to pull the trigger.